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One day I was contemplating the advice I had been sharing with hundreds, if not thousands, of people over the years. I decided it was time to put my experiences into the written word and hope that you find as much pleasure in my adventures as I have ... and maybe, just maybe, if your travels cross some of the same places that mine have, perhaps my words of wisdom will make your journey that much more fun and exciting.

So whether it's local restaurants or exotic destinations ... as my Uncle Jim described me, I am the "intrepid traveler", always ready for an adventure, whether traveling solo or leading the way ... you never know what will pop into my head and come out on the keyboard.

Monday, October 17, 2011

What Is A Nap?

As we edge further and further into the Fall, one of my favorite things to do on a breezy Sunday afternoon is to curl up under a light blanket and take a little nap.  There's nothing quite like sitting in the sunshine, warmed in the sun's rays.

Just like a cat, to drift off into a nothingness, even for just a little while.  Or it's the perfect chance to do something we loved to do when we were children ... nap time in kindergarten.

So I got to thinking about what napping really is.  Is it the length of time and a lack of depth?  Light and dreamless?  No alarm clocks?  Perhaps the tv on a quiet noise level ... something to keep us from going into the arms of a true slumber?

I've seen people nap on the deck of a ship.  A book or magazine in their hands, suspended for the reader and then it slowly creeps lower, towards their laps as their eyelids get heavy.  Next thing you see, chins settled on chests.  Or how about sitting quietly on a train, hearing the wheels go clickety clack on the track, the same rhythm over and over again as the mind quiets and your eyelids get heavy.  Then there is the short nap during commercial breaks on tv, except these days, with DVR and TEVO, there is no need for that kind of nap.  Scratch that.  Or how about the refreshing nap before dinner?  You come home from a busy day and just want 10-15 minutes to relax away the stresses of the office.  Shoes off, feet up, tilted back, the warm smells drifting in from the kitchen.

One of my favorite places to nap is in a hammock. This summer when I was up in Mammoth Lakes, my Uncle strung the hammock up for me and I would head over with my blanket and pillow along with a book, which was only there for appearances because I was intending on taking a nap.  Lulled by the cool breezes coming off the mountains, suspended and gently rocking, curled up under the blanket, off I went.  Was out asleep?  No, as I heard the casual conversations of people wandering by.

One couple even commented on how comfy I looked, the perfect way to spend some time on a lazy mountain afternoon.  They had hammock nap envy, I could hear it in the husbands voice.  I smiled in my nap haze and listened as they wandered further away.  So I've come to the conclusion that .... taking a nap helps to take the edge off, relax us, indulges the inner child, I mean who am I to say you can't have your cookies and milk when you wake up?

NAP:  Dosing lightly in order to Never Appear Peeved.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Meals Are Memories

There is a quote that says "We do not remember days, we remember moments." and it's one of my favorites but if I was allowed creative license, I would rewrite it in order to personalize it and say "I remember moments because of the meals I've enjoyed."

When I was a little girl, my Mom hosted these fabulous dinner parties pretty much every Saturday night.  There were no restrictions as to who would be there, but after the word got out at what a fabulous cook she was, everyone vied for an invitation!  Whether it was a co-worker, boss and his wife, even a Brazilian businessman who was in town, all were welcome.  The expectations were good food, good wine and good conversation.  There were no other children, I was the only one.  I wasn't banished to read or watch tv in my room.  I was welcome at the table just as everyone else was.  Who would have realized back then what an impact it would have on who I would become as an adult.