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One day I was contemplating the advice I had been sharing with hundreds, if not thousands, of people over the years. I decided it was time to put my experiences into the written word and hope that you find as much pleasure in my adventures as I have ... and maybe, just maybe, if your travels cross some of the same places that mine have, perhaps my words of wisdom will make your journey that much more fun and exciting.

So whether it's local restaurants or exotic destinations ... as my Uncle Jim described me, I am the "intrepid traveler", always ready for an adventure, whether traveling solo or leading the way ... you never know what will pop into my head and come out on the keyboard.

Monday, December 9, 2013

New Book Title Bubbled Up

It's been over a year since I last posted here ... unbelievable how time flies and so much of my life has changed.  I'm hoping that the shifts that have happened for me can be proof that shift can happen for anyone, anywhere, anytime ... as long as we are open to it, curious about it, fearless about it, and everything in between.

Years ago, I was in the car with my Mom and she asked a question along the lines that if I was to write a book about my life, what would the title be. Without missing a beat I said "From Womb to Tomb".  That has never left me and as a matter of fact, we discovered someone painted a wall library of books and there was my Opus.  :)  

However if she asked me the same question today, what bubbles up for me is "From As the Prop Turns to As the Karma Burns" and it would be my shift from adventure on the high seas to an inner exploration of my Self that would leave many an astronomer and astronaut wondering why they need a telescope or a space ship.  

The depth of who we are goes far beyong the imagination of who we perceive ourselves to be and we are only limited by our past programming and the illusions of which we look at the present.  We are vast ... we are everything while also being nothing. We are the microcosm while also the macrocosm.

My undaunting spirit of adventure thrives, no longer on the high seas feeling like Christopher Columbus or all of those sailors who went before me. What now captures my attention and captivates me so is the adventure of inner exploration which is silent, vast, profound.  And even in that silence I am not alone ... everyone who has ever touched my life is the blanket of stars and planets which light my path.