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One day I was contemplating the advice I had been sharing with hundreds, if not thousands, of people over the years. I decided it was time to put my experiences into the written word and hope that you find as much pleasure in my adventures as I have ... and maybe, just maybe, if your travels cross some of the same places that mine have, perhaps my words of wisdom will make your journey that much more fun and exciting.

So whether it's local restaurants or exotic destinations ... as my Uncle Jim described me, I am the "intrepid traveler", always ready for an adventure, whether traveling solo or leading the way ... you never know what will pop into my head and come out on the keyboard.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Walk Down Memory Lane

This afternoon was I was going through my recipe box and came across a list of questions that the passengers used to ask me.  David Letterman has his top 10 list that he gives every night, and I had my top 9 list that I used to give every week with my disembarkation talk.  For those of you who have never been on a cruise ship before, a disembarkation talk is a presentation given by the Cruise Director to help the passengers, now called guests, to transition from ship to shore on the last day of the cruise.  It was also presented in order to drive our ratings ... reminding guests that while we couldn't control the motion of the ocean or the weather in port, what we did have control over was the quality of their cruise vacation.

I used 9 questions because our ratings went as high as a 9 - we figured there was no such thing as a 10 in the world.  Apparently the person who decided that hadn't spent any time staring at George Clooney on the big screen or saw Daniel Craig exit the ocean in a bathing suit.

For some of you, this list will bring back memories and if you have any additions, please send them to me at yvette.sechrist324@gmail.com.

  1. What time does the 8 am tour meet? or What time is the Midnight buffet?
  2. Which beach is closest to the ocean? or Is the island completely surrounded by water?
  3. Do these stairs go up or down?
  4. Will THIS elevator take me to the front of the ship?
  5. What's the elevation of the ship?
  6. How can I tell which photo's are mine?
  7. Do the crew sleep on board?
  8. What do you do with the ice carvings after they melt?
  9. What religion are the people who wear the patches behind their ears?
Yes, seriously these were questions I was asked and had to answer completely straight-faced.  Although I do distinctly recall the lady who asked me if the stairs went up or down.  I replied "Both.  If you are at the top, they go down and if you are at the bottom, they go up."  All she said was "Wow!"